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Hi Anonymous,

ZA Gaming Alliance has been around for 6 years now and we are expanding our horizon to reach a bigger audience. Every day we go through each application to join our community and we vet each member before letting them into our group. This takes a lot of time and energy to read. We are hit by the occasional DDOS and we fight them off. We also get the avid spammer which who love to share the latest trend in medical advancements and cloning your dog (Yea that is a thing) and we remove their posts. We are the army at your gates keeping your gaming space free of unrelated content.

We want to deliver an even better experience to your world of gaming by upgrading our foundation software from opensource system anyone can find online to something even more powerful and maintained by a huge software company. So here is why we need your help.

We want to upgrade our current platform / website to the follow software: Xenforo -

With this software, we will be able to create a complete solution for you including making it possible to view the site without issues on your mobile devices. We will be able to deliver content to you in style as well as enable users to build the local scene of gaming with content posts, blogs, streaming windows, media upload, YouTube shares, classifieds, live discussions and so much more.
We have given a break down of the pricing and why we need your help and what we are going to spend the money on.

The prices are in USD and are as follow:

Xenforo : $140
Xenforo Branding Removal: $250
Xenforo Media Gallery: $60
Xenforo Base Theme: $50
Additional Addons: $145
Server upgrade (SSL): $155
Server Hosting : $600 a Year

Total : $1400

We ask that you please consider a little donation to make this a reality and all members who have donated will be given a perk on the website enabling them to see a set of hidden threads of future concepts, events and what is to come in the future, PLUS you will get a flashy donation badge on your profile to show off to the rest of the community.

We have so much in store, but we are limited to only what we can do from a personal capacity.

We hope you consider this and look forward to delivering something of great value and stir some awesome discussions.

Thanks, ZAGA Management
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